How Bing's search algorithms detect and filter spam pages

Bing introduces its search algorithms how bing detect and filter spam pages on search results. Let's check them
search algorithmsBing is the second most used search engine after google and now they are trying to competing google. Bing is trying to make it's search result more better. Principle Development Manager of the Bing index quality team published a blog post named as web spam filtering on its official blog. In this blog post they tells that how bing detect and filter spam pages and sites from its search result.

Bing tells some of the ways and methods which their algorithm uses to detecting and filtering such spam pages from search result.
Let's check them out:

Bing's search algorithms to detect and filter spam pages

Lack of content quality

They said that the spammers pages have lack of quality of content and they mainly make content for search engines not for their users. Bing adds that the legitimate SEOs and webmasters generate content for their users not for search engines.

According to them the spammers main goal is to monetize and they give more importance to monetising rather than content that;s why spammers sites have lack of content quality. So, the most of the spam pages have lack of quality and they use this fact to facilitate detectection and there are hundreds to thousands of signals are used to make such assessments,

which are ranging from simple one's like number of words and to complex concept of content, uniqueness and utility.

Presence of ads

They said that appearing ads on web pages not make pages bad but they notice and care about some things like

  • how many ads appear on webpage
  • what type of ads they are such as pop ups, banners, contextual ads etc and
  •  how disruptive and annoying they are.

Layout of ads and main content

Bing also notices that where is the main content and ads are located on the page. Bing notice things that

  • where are the ads located and where is the main content located,
  •  Is ads are taking up the prime places or not 
  • and Are users can easily separate content from ads or not.

Spammers uses content generation techniques

Next bing explains that spammers use most of the content generation techniques to increase there web presence such as

  • copying others content completely or minor tweaks
  •  using programs to generate page content
  •  and  using external APIs to populate lot of content.

To detect these like things bing have created "creative clustering algorithms".

Spammers use bad techniques to boost rankings

Bing further adds that spammers use other bad techniques to boost up their rankings such as

  • keyword stuffing in body page, 
  • urls and in anchor texts ,
  • performing link manipulation via link farms, link networks, 
  • forum post abuse 
  • and adding hidden content on the page which is not users and for only to trick the search engines.

To counteract these, Bing uses algorithms to look for content outliers across the web and if things look unnatural, it can be detected. For link manipulation, Bing may use their web graph (page/ site inlinks and outlinks) to identify possible link manipulation.

Spammers try to avoid detection

Bing adds that most of the spammers put lot of effort in masking themselves from detecting from search engines. The techniques they use for this is similar to
  1.  redirects
  2.  content cloaking making 
  3. content appear legitimate 
  4. and use of dynamic content.

What action will be taken against spammer/ spam site?

After detecting the spam bing will take different level of actions. These actions include:
  • a) Demoting the page
  • b) Neutralizing the effect of specific spam techniques
  • c) Removing the page/ site out of the index all-together
Bing further adds that they make decision that what action they take against any spam is on the  considerations like 
  •  the extent/ egregiousness of the spam techniques involved
  • the potential value the page presents to the users.

What you think about?

These are the some things from them bing can detect spammy sites. They also tells that how they treat when they detect any spam. And hope that this new bing's algorithm may help them in detecting and filtering spam in there search result.
Let us know what are your opinions about this new bing's policy about spammers???

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