Instagram widgets for blogger - Follow button and slideshow

Want to add instagram photogallery or slideshow in blogger? Here learn how to add instagram follow button and slideshow in blogger.
Instagram widget for blogger
Instagram is very popular photo sharing app around the world just same like twitter and facebook but Instagram is only for mobile users and your updates should based on photos which you want to showcase them. This gives us the great opportunity to showcase our photos from our mobile and also socialise them with our friends.

Well guys, With my point of view, you are not 24/7 blogger and not even you everyone are not. Because It is very hard to do blogging continually, we have to take breaks to refresh our minds. Now we are living in visual society and every day tons of images and videos are shared over social networks and one of them is Instagram.
You may also know the great quote " One image is better than the hundred words".While, many times we may need to showcase our business or to share your photos with your readers and to make this work easier Instagram can help us a lot.

Here I am going to tell you how to add instagram follow button and instagram photo gallery or slideshow in your blog to able to showcase your work through images. So, get started....:)

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How to add Instagram Follow Button in blogger

To let your readers check your showcases on your instagram then you should provide them an option for them so they can easily follow you on Instagram and for the best way is adding the Instagram follow button in your site. But the problem is that Instagram has no option to create a follow button.

Don't worry because I am here. read below to add follow button.

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard
  2. Template tab and backup your template.
  3. Now place the below code where you want the follow button to be appeared:

<iframe src="" style="height:27px;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
  • Change the USER_NAME_HERE with your instagram username
  • Now click on save button.

How to add Instagram slideshow or photogallery in blogger

  • Open the new tab and - go to
  • At there you should see a form type something like this:

instagram slideshow

  • Don't be lazy! this will not take much your time, just a customization page for your instagram photo gallery.
  • At first add your Instagram username.
  • Then enter the hashtag of which you want to show photos
  • Then choose the widget type. (slideshow, or grid)
  • Now decide the size of the thumbnails and then decide if you want photo border or not.
  • change background color if you want but default is white one.
  • And you also have option weather you want to add sharing buttons on hover or not.
  • After finishing click on get code and copy the code and paste in on your site where you want but I recommend you to add it on side bar.

The widget will update automatically as you update your instagram account.

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Final words

Well guys this how you integrate your instagram with your blog. And I think that this widget will really spice up your blog and let your readers to engage with you more easily. If you got any problem then don't be hesitate just ask below and you will get it solved. :)
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