How to add content slider in blogger

Looking for content slider? Here is the content slider which adds the content from which you have curated.
Scoopit slideshare
Scoopit is online content curation branding and also a authority building site where we can easily curate our content.

While visiting around I found a very useful widget of it which is content slider. We can create the slider of  the content which we have saved or curate in our account.

We can easily customize this slider and can adjust its width. 

The slider is automatically updated when ever you curate a new content in

Adding Content slider in blogger

Well guys, to add Scoopit slidershare to your blogger site first of all you need to go to and create account. If you are already using and also created Topic and know how to add the content URLs in the topic then you can skip this step

 but for those who are new and don't know how to get started with then here is little tutorial for them.
  1. After Logging in now click on your username at the right top corner of the screen and a drop down menu appears.
  2. In the last of the menu click on the create Topic
  3. Now a dialogue box will appear click on the No thanks button at the Bottom of the dialogue box. create topic
  4. Now provide the Name of your topic and other information.
  5. Now to add the content click on the new scoop at top of the screen and paste the URL of your blog post or the URL of the content and hit the enter button.
  6. Now add URLs as much as you want.  

How to add Scoopit Slideshare to blogger

  1. Go to this link.
  2. At their you should see the customisation page of the Slider.
  3. At first choose your topic which you have created.
  4. Now choose the width of the slider
  5. Now click on the generate code.
    scoopit slidershare
  6. After clicking on the generate code the generated code of the slideshare appears just copy that code.
  7. Now go to Blogger dashboard
  8. Layout tab >> Add gadget >> HTML/Javascript
  9. In the Gadget paste the copied code and click on the save Button.
Voila ! You have successfully installed the content slider in your blog.
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From Editor's desk

I hope that you like this widget and find it useful for your blog. With this tool we can easily create a simple content slider by just few clicks. This can also increase your views of your page and help you in content marketing.
In my next post I will tell you how to add share button in blogger. :)
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