Awesome free Weather Widget for blogger 2015

How its great if you let your readers and visitors to see the weather conditions and temperature from your blog. I think that by adding weather widget there should be increase in readership because along with your awesome posts and articles then can also enjoys the weather conditions.

Weather Widget

For many days I have been looking for weather widgets for blogger and wordpress both. During searching I hit the Yowindow weather widget which is for blogger, wordpress or for any website or blog

The another thing which I like is that it changes its background landscape conditions according to weather conditions. For example if the weather is rainy then the background landscape also becomes rainy one.

Add Weather widget

  1. Go to Yowindow weather widget
  2. At there customize your weather widget according to your tastes.
  3. The customization is very easy simply select options.
  4. At first select your location. (Recommended by me is choose all locations.)
  5. Then choose the Name of widget and then choose its theme. There are four themes are provided you can select anyone from them.
  6. At third choose widget language.
  7. At fourth choose the size of your widget. I recommend you to add it on sidebar and also resize it in a way that it fits into your sidebar.
  8. Choose the time format and then choose the units on which the weather data will be shown. The default is US but you can customize it.
  9. At last, choose the view that what things will be viewed on mini view of widget.
  10. And after it at point eight if you using blogger then choose website or blog and copy the generated code from below and paste it your template.
  11. If you are wordpress user then select the second option of wordpress and copy the generated code and paste it on your wordpress template.

Add in blogger:

  1. Go to Blogger dashboard >> Template
  2. Backup your template.
  3. Now, go to layout tab  and click on add widget.
  4. From list choose HTML/Javascript
  5. Then paste the generated code in it and click on save
  6. Congrats you have done it.

Add in Wordpress:

  1. First of all - open your WordPress blog dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance/Widgets
  3.  Look at the top-right of the page. Make sure "Primary Widget Area" box is open.
  4. Drag "Text" widget to Primary Widget Area
  5. Now paste the generated widget code in it and click on save button.

Final Words

I hope that you like this new widget which displays the weather conditions and temperature to your readers. This widget will really make your visitors impress from you. If you find any problem then don't worry simply comment below and You surely find your problem solved. 

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