Social Media Posts Share Buttons for Blogger above/below posts/Floating

Creating a successful blog is big challenge for anyone. You have to do several things to make your blog look professional. Besides having quality content you also need some social media attention to your content and this attention can be grabbed by sharing your content on social networks. But to provide a quick way to your readers to share your blog posts on social media you need to provide a straight path to them. And this straight path can be achieved by adding Social share buttons to your blogger blog.

Besides adding the social share buttons to your blog there are still some more things which needs to be decided before adding the social media posts share buttons. And those are the position of share buttons e.g above the posts, below the posts or floating at the side of the side.

The person who is noob in coding can't create his own posts sharing widget for blogger. So, for the guys like them needs to have a tool which provided them a full control over the share buttons and they can also choose the position of the buttons. And there is one tool which can do the above mentioned things and that is ShareaHolic which is completely free of cost.

I am using the ShareaHolic share buttons on my several blogs including pakmax. You can scroll at the end of the post to see how they look like.

How to Add t\ShareaHolic Share Buttons to your blogger blog:

  • After creating a account, login to your account.

  • Now hover over your username at right side and then for dropdown menu choose website dashboard.

  • Now you will see a blue button saying add Website. Click on it.

  • Now you will see a form in which you have to provide the info about your blog or site. Simply fill the whole form and then click on continue.

  • Now click on the Get Code Button:
  • Now a pop up appears. Copy code from the popup window and go to blogger dashboard > Template>Edit template and then search for </head> tag. Now simply paste the copied code above the </head> tag.
  • Your blog has been added successfully now its time to verify your blog. For this click on the verify button.

  • Now your blog is Verified

To Add Floating Share buttons

To add floating share buttons you just need to do is toggle the Floated share buttons to green which is present in Apps lists beneath your site name. You can also customize the floating share buttons by click on the gear button.

To Add share buttons above/below posts title or below posts

You can add the share buttons same as I have at the end of the posts by click on the inline Apps button. You can choose from the dropdown menu share buttons. And you will be proceeded to the customization page. At their you can customize your share buttons widget for blogger by using several options e.g share buttons with counter or the alignment of the buttons etc.
The whole process is very simple. After this copy the code and then go to your blogger template editor and search for the data:post.body. Just paste the copied code above that line to show the buttons below posts title. And Paste the code below this to show the share buttons below at the end of the posts.

There are also some more options and features present you can check further yourself because i know you are genius.
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Social Media Posts Share Buttons for Blogger above/below posts/Floating Social Media Posts Share Buttons for Blogger above/below posts/Floating Reviewed by Maher Afrasiab on 1:35:00 pm Rating: 5


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