Top 11+ Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Full Episodes Without Registration

TV shows have become an integral part of our life. We don't want to miss even a single episode of our favorite TV shows. We are so busy in our day to day life that we don't have time to watch our show every day on time at home. It becomes a real headache if we miss an important event in a TV show. If you are into it then you will surely feel the pain of missing a important clue, speech or show turning events.

We turn on the internet to watch full episodes of TV Shows. However it's not at all easy to watch your shows online in the first attempt itself. Many websites require user registration which will take your 5-10 minutes of time. There are chances that your TV show or series isn't available on the website even after registration. There are many bogus websites claiming to have full episodes but they just upload trailers or some parts of episodes. It becomes extremely frustrating to go through all this process to watch free full episodes of tv shows online and yet not able to watch.

To remove all the headache, we went ahead to find best 11+ websites to watch tv shows online without registration. We have compiled the list below that you can use to watch your favorite TV series online. The last thing you need to see is the availability of your TV show. Not all of them are allowed to publish them online due to copyright issue from the maker of the TV series.

Below is given list of 11+ Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Full Episodes Without Registration.


Hulu is one of the top site to watch tv shows online. It offers almost all tv shows online to watch. All the new episodes are available within 24 hours of being aired. You can watch number of things such as TV series, movies, documentaries and even music videos.

To watch TV shows for free on Hulu go to their TV tab on the top menu and browse through TV shows listed. You can also use the search bar to find your favorite TV show to watch online. Many of the TV shows are totally free to watch. You can watch full episodes of TV shows ticked as free. Many of them are paid as well. You can also take their 7 day free trial to watch everything on the website. Cancel the subscription on the 7th day.


Crackle is one of the best site to watch tv shows online. You don't even need to register on the website. You can watch TV shows without registration on Cracker. You can also watch movies and create your own personal watch lists to see them later. Crackle is available on desktop and you can download the crackle app for your Android or iOS device. App offers the same facility.

Simply click the TV tab in the menu or use the search bar to look for your TV show. Choose the TV series you want to see, select the episode and enjoy watching. As Crackle is free, you will see advertisements during the video. However it's not much disturbing and you will still be able to watch full tv show episodes online.


Sidereel is considered as one of the best and legit free tv streaming site. You can watch TV shows full episodes online, latest movies, web shows. You can select various genres such as action, adventure, romantic, comedy, reality and teen according to your taste. You will find huge number of choices to watch TV shows online on Sidereel. They also offer trending feature through which you can see what's popular right now. Sometimes you will be missing a great show just by looking at the trends.

You should also check the Calendar option on the top menu to check what's new for tonight. You should signup for a free account if you want to keep track of TV shows that you watch. With Free account you can also rate and comment on TV series that you watch on Sidereel. Sidereel will also show you recommendations of TV series based on your taste if you have an account on them.


TubiTV is a becoming a popular site to watch TV shows online. TubiTV is totally legit and they have agreements with major TV channels to show full episodes of TV shows online. TubiTV is a new player in offering TV series and movies online. You can watch movies for free as well.

TubiTV has many interesting categories like "Not on Netflix" and "Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes". Go to menu icon to browse these categories. They will show a huge number of popular tv shows online. Choose one of them to watch for free. You can also create a free account if you want. Free account offers more facilities such as access to more than 40K+ TV shows and movies.


Many of you have no idea as what YouTube offers. Youtube is the biggest video sharing website in the world. You simply can't ignore it if you are thinking of watching TV shows online for free. Lots of free TV shows are available on Youtube. You may not get latest TV shows but you can get famous old TV shows episode wise on Youtube. If you are from India then you can even watch the latest episode of your favorite TV shows on the next day. TV channels upload them on regular basis.

YouTube also offers a paid facility to watch full episodes of TV shows. If you want to watch latest episode of any TV series then simply search the episode. YouTube will also show you the amount that you need to pay to watch it. You can go ahead to pay and watch it.

YouTube also offers full episodes of TV series from Korea, Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Japanese. Search the favorite romantic Korean TV series such as Playfull Kiss and start watching full episodes right away.


Popcorn Time is a free TV streaming software that you can download on your PC or use its app to watch TV shows online with full episodes. PopcornTime streams TV series and movie torrents as well. It's an open source application that you can download. You should also know that it's completely illegal to watch copyrighted item without owners permission. Popcorn time violates the above thing by free streaming of movie torrents. You can free stream any torrent movie.

Most of the content that you will find on PopcornTime is pirated. You should use this software to watch free tv shows online depending upon your country. Watching pirated content is illegal in many countries and you may face consequences.

7. Amazon Prime (

Amazon Prime is a service offered by Amazon to watch any TV series, movies, music videos, documentaries and much more. You can even watch latest TV series created by Amazon itself. They have vast variety of TV series to watch online for free for the first month of subscription.

You should take their free 1st month subscription plan. You can enjoy a lot of show during this period of time. You should enjoy the free subscriptions from many websites like NetFlix and Hulu which gives up to 7 days of free membership. If you always like to watch high quality videos then you can subscribe to them for an annual fee which is pretty small. It will also help you watch tv shows online without ads. Check out Amazon Prime to see the quality of things being aired.


CastTV is not exactly a free tv show streaming site. CastTV is a search website on which you can search your favorite TV series, movies, music videos and other videos. It will display a list of results where you can watch them without registration. Websites such as Zshare, Pulocker, WiseVid, MegaVideo show most of the TV series full episodes and movies. CastTV gives you the direct link to those full episodes of tv shows to watch them online for free.

You can watch your favourite tv shows such as Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, Daredevil, Mr. Robot, Narcos, House of Cards, Arrow, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, How I met your Mother, Two and Half men etc...


TvDuck is one of the best website to find your favorite tv show links. offers more than 10,000 TV shows with more than 480K links to watch online for free. You can find almost all the popular tv series such as Supernatural, Dexter, Homeland, Flash, Silicon Valley, The Lost, SuperGirl, The 100, Criminal Minds, Gray's Anatomy etc.. All TV series episodes can be watched for free. Full seasons are listed episode wise.

All the latest movies, documentaries, music videos etc.. can be watched for free on You should give it a try. Do share your feedback regarding your experience.

10. Alluc.Org

Alluc is not exactly a tv show streaming website. However this website is very helpful as it provides links to major websites offering vast amount of TV series online that you can watch for free. Alluc offers tv series links to Stagevu, Megashare, MovShare, MegaVideo and many other video sharing website. There are many videos that can be watched for free on Alluc website directly.

Alluc is not just limited to free tv series streaming. It also offers links to anime, sports, cartoons, music, documentaries etc.. that you can watch for free on links that it offers in the search results.

11. is one of the best websites on which you can find all the popular tv shows and movies. Cucrica may not look very beautiful website but don't go on looks. This website offers all the famous tv series and movies to watch free online. You will experience few ads while watching for free but still experience is much great than some other websites.

Cucrica offers tv shows like Supernatural, Dexter, Breaking bad, Better call Saul, How I met Your Mother, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, Mad Men, Master of None, Jessica Jones, The Americans, Orange is the new black, Broad city, The Leftovers, Weep and many others. 
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