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Torrent sites are the most popular ways of downloading movies, games, music, softwares , documents etc… There are many famous torrent websites which are really popular across the world. However in recent months many of the popular best torrent websites have been closed or blocked by government agencies. The Kickasstorrent,, are some of those sites whose owners have been caught by the law enforcement agencies. 

People are very interested to know about new torrent sites which are still active through which they can download their favourite movies, software or series. There are number of clones of kickass torrent websites appeared in the last few days. They offer almost every torrent which were available on kickass websites. There are number of other best torrent sites which you are not aware of because of less traffic but they offer almost everything with good seeds and peers. You can make use of them to download your favourite item. 

Torrents works on peer to peer file sharing technology which is connected to more than 200 million users worldwide. You can use 2 popular softwares to download your torrent item. The 2 most popular softwares on the internet are Utorrent and Bittorrent which you can download which you can download from their respective websites. All top torrent sites support these softwares. 

Every computer program, ebooks, games are now pirated now a days and they are available easily on torrents with cracks or serial numbers. You can download them easily with help of torrent clients that I have mentioned above. I will also give you a list of best torrent clients in coming days. 

Here are top 25+ best torrent websites to download your favourite things: 

1. ThePirateBay

The Piratebay is one of the oldest names in the industry of best torrent sites. ThePirateBay has the largest collection of torrent files. It has millions of users downloading torrent every month. You always need good seeds and peers to download torrent at fast speed. With such a huge user base you will never run out of download speed of torrent. It's the king of best torrent sites. You can even download many softwares for mac as well. It's best torrent site for mac users to download softwares. 

ThePirateBay website has many mirror links. If you are unable to access the website then you can search for mirrors of ThePirateBay. There are tons of them which offers the same kind of torrents. 

2. KickAss Torrents (KickAss) (Dxtorrentx)

KickAss Torrents is also one of the oldest website and very popular across the world. It's considered as one of the best torrent site for downloading softwares, games, movies, music and other documents. KickAss torrents owner was recently busted by FBI due to illegal activities. The main website is down because of that. You won't be able to access the main Kickasstorrent website.  

I have already given 2 mirror websites of kickass torrent through which you can download your favorite tv series, movies, games or any other computer software. 

3. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is yet another top torrent site which is very popular among people. It has millions of users just like ThePirateBay and Kickass torrent. You will never run out of peers to download your favorite tv series or software. ExtraTorrent even provides apps for different platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. You will be download almost any file that you want. 

If you are unable to access extratorrent because of ban in your country then you can make use of proxy software or proxy sites like Kproxy to go anonymous. It will change your IP address and you will be able to open the website and download the torrent. 

4. Torrentz2

Torrentz is another top torrent site for searching torrent files. You can search for any torrent file that you want. It will show you a list of available torrent files on other torrent websites along with available seeds and peers. Then you can download the torrent or the magnet link. With this you don't need to search separately on every site for your favorite item. 

Torrentz was the original website which recently got shut down due to legal trouble. They got shut down just after the KickAss torrent website shut down because of FBI. However with this mirror everything is available just like before. This mirror is the best torrent site in 2016.

5. YIFY-Torrent

YIFY torrent site is pretty new if compared to other top torrent sites. It has made a great impact in such a short duration as it attracts millions of traffic monthly. It has a huge database of torrent files for downloading. Downloading TV shows, movies, music, software, games etc.. is pretty easy and fast using YIFYtorrent website. 

It's also considered as one of the safe torrent site to download torrent items. Simply search the file that you want and start downloading it with utorrent or bittorrent software. 

6. ISOhunt

ISOhunt is also a popular torrent site among people. I have been using Isohunt torrent site for many years. According to me, it's one of the best torrent site. You can download any file that you want. Any music, movies, tv shows or software is available on ISOhunt. Being a best torrenting site, it provides a great speed while downloading torrent. 

Earlier ISOhunt website was very cluttered and gave a bad user experience. Soon it was relaunched with new look and now provides a great user experience to download your desire item. It has the potential to reach the top of best torrent sites 2016. 

7. BitSnoop 

BitSnoop is one of the top torrent site 2016. BitSnoop has one of the largest databases of torrents. Thousands of new torrents are added daily on the website to meet the demands of the visitors. BitSnoop has a team dedicated to remove spammy and virus filled torrents which makes it a very safe torrent site. 

BitSnoop spam team also removes and bans users who upload virus filled torrents or other spammy stuff on a regular basis. We highly recommend this best torrent site. 

8. 1337X

1337X is a very popular torrent site in United Kingdom. It started as a community website back in the day but later turned into one of the best torrent site in the world. Most of the users are from UK only. The community members upload the torrents. If you are a fan of British movies or music then this is one of the top torrent site for local UK items. 

Community is very large on this website and you can expect to find most other material that you can find on other best torrent sites of 2016. You must give it a try if other are banned or not working in your country. 

9. Limetorrents

LimeTorrents is an old name which always comes in the list of top torrent sites. With millions of visitors every month and huge database, this website is a must try for downloading torrents. It gained its popularity in recent times. The website is updated on a regular basis with latest torrent. 

LimeTorrents is pretty popular torrent site for downloading ebooks. You can literally find any book on this website. It's ranks on number 9 for best torrent sites 2016.

10. MiniNova

MiniNova is one of the best torrenting sites of 2016. If you want to download movies, music, softwares, games, tv series, ebook or any other kind of item then you must check out this website once. This torrent site has a huge database of popular torrents that you can easily download. You can contribute to this website by uploading your torrent and seeding them. 

MiniNova is considered best torrent site because of the fact that it also offers games and apps for your android smartphones and other devices. Give it a try. 

11. TorrentHound

TorrentHound is making to the list of best torrent sites 2016. TorrentHound is very old torrent website which offers literally everything. It's so popular torrent site that many countries have blocked it. TorrentHound is considered as kind of piracy. 

Visit TorrentHound to download your favorite movies, music, tv series, ebooks, games, software etc...

12. TorrentDownloads

With an Alexa rank of around 3000, TorrentDownloads website is one of the best torrent site in the world. It is also one of the oldest website and provides almost every torrent. It's also updated on regular basis. You can even upload your own torrents and can seed them. Millions of users visit this website each month to download their favorite item. 

It's a old website and hence you can find some of the oldest torrents on this website. It might be useful for some of the users who are looking for some old content to download. 

13. YTS

It's a very famous torrent site with an Alexa rank of around 740 worldwide. Many people associate theis website with YIFY or YTS group but it's not the case. You can expect latest torrents on movies, music, software, computer games, apps for android on regular basis. If you love to watch tv series then it's one of the top torrent website 2016 to download latest episodes. 


RARBG is a new comer in the list of best torrent sites 2016. It started as a Bulgarian tracker and soon turned into a full blown torrent website. It has very good Alexa ranking of around 1200 and it gains millions of visits every month. RARBG is so popular that it was blocked by United Kingdom ISP's last year. You can literally find every torrent file that you want to have. Speed from this website is also very good. It's a must try torrent site. 

15. SummerTorrent

SummerTorrent is a torrent search engine like Torrentz website. You can search your query in the given search bar. It will show the results according to the popularity of torrents on best torrent sites. You can then select to download the torrent or the magnet link of your favorite item. It's also a safe way to download the torrent. SummerTorrent is a safe torrent download site. 

16. SeedPeer

SeedPeer is one of the best torrenting site as it offers various facilities. Website look is very neat and clean. You can download latest episodes of TV series, movies, music, apps, games, software etc.. You can search for your favorite torrents using search bar. You can browse categories, download verified torrents and upload your torrents as well. SeedPeer is top torrent site because it's available in multiple languages like English, Mandarin, Russian etc..

17. TorrentReactor 

TorrentReactor is a very popular website among users. You can see this website on Google frequently for multiple searches. It has less ads than other website. Having a huge database of torrents file helps it drive millions of visitors each month. It also provides the list of most active torrents on the web. You can check it out to download latest tv series episodes and movies. It also provides a health meter to check the health of the file that you are going to download which will give you a rough estimate regarding the download speed of the torrent. 

18. Demonoid

Demonoid is one of the best torrent forum on the internet. You can discuss your interests with users of same taste. You can communicate and know about latest things going on in your area. It's a bit time consuming but it's totally worth it. You will get to make new friends having similar interests. Forums also helps you in finding whether a file is virus free or not. 

There are number of other top torrent sites that you can check out. We are giving you few more names of top torrent site like:
  • H33t
  • Asiatorrents
  • TorrentProject
  • TorrentLeech
  • PopCorn
  • BitMeTv
  • Mamega
You should check out few of these torrents website and select one out of them which suits your taste and provides all the torrents that you download like TV series episodes, movies and softwares. Free music downloader apps are must check after torrent file downloads for your smartphone.

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