What Does SMH Means?

Nowadays many acronyms and abbreviations word are used in the world of internet texting or on Facebook as we often use ‘OMG’ for Oh My God, ‘TTYL’ for talk to you later etc. so if you are new on the internet texting world then you have faced many problem in these acronyms and abbreviation forms of words. Kids are using many acronyms word and we perplexed when we read or listen about these word. There are some advantage and some disadvantage of these acronyms word. We will mention it below. 

There are some new words in world of texting message. Actually these are not new words but it is old words which are being used since many years.  One another word is also growing up SMH. When we read this, many questions rise up in our mind as- What is SMH? What is SMH means? What is SMH stands for? SMH? So we will help in understanding these internet slangs that people often use.

SMH is normally stands for ‘shaking my head.’ SMH is also use for ‘stupid minded human’ or ‘So much hate’.  Normally we use these meanings for SMH in a sentence. When we find something annoying or find so stupid then we use this SMH word. SMH is also mentioned in urban dictionary, it appears, ‘When someone finds something stupid or find something annoying then they use this acronym word ‘SMH’. There are some words which are also related to SMH.

These are some acronyms word related to SMH –

1.       SMDH – Shaking My Damn Head
2.       SMGDH – Shaking My GOD Damn Head
3.       SMHID – Shaking My Head in Despairs
4.       SMHL – Shaking My Head Laughing
5.       SMH – Shaking My Head or Stupid minded human

As we have mentioned above that many acronyms words are used in place of texting message, you can use above forms of SMH in chats and messages.

Some acronyms words are given below related to head with its definition –

·         ROFLMAO
 "Rolling on floor laughing my ass off".
·         1432
 "I love you too".
·         g
 Short for "gangster" or "gangsta."
·         ETA
"Estimated Time of Arrival."
·         DIAF
 "Die in a fire".
·         NYPA
 "Not your personal army".
·         srsly
·         jsmh
 "Just shaking my head".
·         HTH
 "Hope this helps".
·         ROTFL
 "Rolling on the floor laughing".
·         STFU
"Shut the fuck up".
·         FWP
 "First World problem" or "First World problems".
·         ASLR
 "Age, Sex, Location, Religion".
·         IIRC
 "If I recall correctly."
·         NBD
  "No big deal".    

Advantage of acronyms words – Acronyms words are time saving word by using these you can save your time. By using it you will improve your modern talk. Chat with your friends to show you are so modern.

Disadvantage of acronyms words – There are many disadvantages of acronyms word. If you are using acronyms word daily then you may miss spell acronyms word. It will affect your writing skills. You may miss spell every word so it’s better to use less acronyms word in your chats and messages.   
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