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Is your iPhone missing? Losing your mobile can be an unpleasant time, particularly if it's a costly phone like an iPhone. There's likewise the additional danger of your own data falling into the wrong hands. Before you terror and keep running over to the Apple Store and spend a couple of hundred dollars on another one, please realize that there's a simple approach to finding your lost iPhone. There are a number of ways you can find your lost iPhone, including utilizing applications created by Apple and incorporated with each iPhone. Apple gadgets are constantly released with amazing features and Find my iPhone, Find my iPad or Find my iMac are one of them. You can undoubtedly track and find your iPhone, iPad or Mac with this feature gave by Apple on your iCloud Account.

So your iPhone is gone. There are many ways to find your apple device. Here is the list of the best ways to find lost iPhone through internet and mobile network.  
  1. Using PC
  2. Find my iPhone App
  3. iHound
  4. GPS tracker
  5. Device Locator
  6. GadgetTraK
  7. Call your Phone
  8. Law enforcement

All these methods will be discussed one by one so that you can understand how these methods can work for you. 


Presently as you effectively set up the Find my iPhone online in your settings, you can without much of a stretch find your iOS device utilizing your PC. Follow the means beneath: 

  • Go to
  • Log in using your Apple ID. 
  • Out of all the Apps appeared, Click on Find my iPhone login. 
  • When you tap on Find my iPhone online, a guide shows up demonstrating your iOS gadgets as dots on the map. 
  • Now Click on Devices choices at the top and select your lost/stolen iOS Devices. 
  • Assume you lost your iPhone 6 for this situation, tap on iPhone 6. Presently you can see 3 alternatives: Play Sounds, Lost MODE, and Erase iPhone. 
  • You can utilize any 3 alternatives out of these. I will clarify these beneath. 
  • To get TURN BY TURN Directions to get your iPhone you have to tap on Green dot when you see your device on the map.

It means you must have your Apple ID to locate your phone otherwise you will not be able to find it. It is recommended to note the ID in a diary or in your personal computer. It will be good if you record account information and Apple Id in a diary and keep it in home. It will allow your family members to locate you in case of emergency. So, this method is not good only to find your mobile but it can also save you from serious trouble.  


You can likewise find your any iOS device utilizing Find My iPHONE online application which is accessible on iTUNES. This is same as finding my iPhone as a part of iCloud Account. However, it's not necessary to install this application. It's only a choice. You can simply track and find your iOS device utilizing your iCloud account. The following are the means as how to find your iPhone using your iCloud account:

  • Download and install FIND MY iPHONE online application on another device of yours or you can likewise use your siblings or friends device. If they have already installed the application continue to next. 
  • Login to the application using your Apple ID. 
  • When you log in, you can see your iOS device location and begin following your device. 
  • You will likewise discover 3 alternatives: Play sound, Lost Mode, and Erase iPhone. You have to tap on the little blue arrow to get to these alternatives. 
  • You can perform the above step similar to PC.
NOTE: If your iPhone's battery is dead, Find My iPhone will just show the device's last known area. Supportively, Apple's iOS 8 upgrade presented another feature that has your iPhone transmit its last known location just before its battery kicks the bucket. Turn this on in Settings - > iCloud - > Find My iPhone - > Send Last Location. 

Now and then, the guide will demonstrate your iPhone in a general zone inside a block or two of its genuine location. This should be sufficient to remind you where you exited the phone. iCloud additionally permits you to play a loud, irritating sound from your iPhone to make it simpler to discover. There are lots of different applications out there which claim to help you finding your iPhone but some of these apps are just after your Apple ID and IMEI number. You should not download and install any track my iPhone application unless you are 100% sure about the usefulness and authenticity of the app. 


PLAY SOUNDS:  Suppose you lost your iPhone in the house or office then you can utilize play sounds alternatives. This will empower the device to play a sound at full volume regardless of the possibility that your iPhone is in quiet mode. With enough loud sound you can track and find your Phone promptly in any event in your home or if somebody is playing a trick. It's one of the ideal approaches to find your telephone rapidly.

LOST MODE: It protects your device with 4 digit password that you select. You can also leave a message and your contact number to be appeared on the lost or stolen iPhone. If somebody discovers it, he can contact you through that number. Or you can find or track it through that individual. You have to trust him/her on this thing that they will return it to you.

ERASE iPHONE: This is the last alternative that you have to utilize just in worse scenario. Utilizing this alternative you can remotely erase the greater part of your iPhone or different iOS device information including your iCloud login. When you do this, you won't be able to use Find my iPhone application anymore. In any case, if you utilized LOST MODE alternative before this, it will at present be shown on your device even in the wake of deleting your iPhone. Once an iPhone has been erased, it's impossible to find it any longer. The entire sense behind erasing an iPhone is to erase everything, including individual information, pictures, client settings and all logins (including iCloud). Without an associated iCloud account, tracking isn't conceivable.

You should know all these information about iPhone finding applications because you might need them at some stage of your life. You can also help friends and family members with all this information but it is not enough as there are some more interesting and effective ways to find iPhone that you must know.  


iHound is an application which gives some special components close to the essential ones. This is a free program that cautions you the minute your iPhone is connected to a PC. This implies you'll get an email telling you that your followed iPhone has been situated, alongside a point by point report about where it is being used. You will have to insert your Apple ID and other personal information. It is ensure that no one else can track your iPhone. It is very versatile application with diverse features. It is offering its tracking service for free but other features are paid. It's truly useful for individuals with children as one of the elements includes Geofencing. It's accessible for $3.99 for 3 months. 

You can even track iPad and iPod as well. Geofencing is exceptionally helpful. You can choose an area in the application. At whatever point your gadget goes outside the zone then you will get a prompt warning. You can likewise set it to send you cautiously when the device enters a specific place. Assume the gadget having iHound achieves MacD and you officially set caution for it then you will get a notice promptly about your gadget being at MacD. Isn't that cool? It is the world of smart phones but it is also important to have a laptop or desktop computer which can help you track your iPhones. You can download this application from Apple apps store. You can read the reviews of users if you have any doubt because this app has thousands of positive reviews. 


GPSTracker is a free application which you can install on iTunes. It is very old but effective technology to location different device. This technology is so effective that it can show your iphone’s location with the precision of few meters. Law enforcement agencies also use this technology to find stolen mobiles. Every other find my iphone website use this technology to help their users in tracking their iphone and other smart mobiles. Some important features of this application are: 

  • Geofencing – Sends you to alarm if telephone goes outside the specific region 
  • Find iPhone by means of GPS, Wifi. 
  • Track Multiple iOS Devices 
  • Password secure telephone remotely 
  • A panic option
This list of features indicates the usefulness of this application in find a mobile. If you have lost you iPhone in home then you can use the WiFi option because it will provide you location with better precision. You can set panic option if your iPhone goes out of your selected area but make sure to turn this option off or change the selected region while travelling out of city or country. The best thing about this application si that parents can locate their children with it and monitor activities of their kids. Teenagers may not like this benefit of this app but parents certainly love it. 

Device Locator

Swipe down to Device Locator and you will know in a split second where your friends and family are without reading confusing maps! Each time your phone changes cell towers; this application will turn on the GPS for 10 seconds and record the best area that is in your reach. This area is then made accessible on the web and conveyed to all your enlisted devices. Location data can be seen by signing into your record from any PC or phone that has a web program. The website of Device Locator is like a find my iPhone website but it doesn’t give exact location. It just gives the idea about the location of the iPhone. Still, it is very useful application because it gives   you the idea where you lost your iPhone. If this website is indicating the area where you visited recently then it means you lost your mobile in that area. 

Device locator also had paid version which is accessible for $2.99. It offers a ton of features, for example, sound alert, tapping the picture, sending a custom message on iPhone, track battery life and lock certain parts of the phone too. It helps you track your Phone utilizing GPS and cell tower triangulation. It will likewise help you find the different device in the meantime from this single application. It's one of the best applications out there to know the response to discovering my telephone.


With the greater part of the photographs, contacts, applications and songs on your iPhone, losing it would be an enormous pain. Unfortunately, that pain is felt by a huge number of cell phone clients consistently. Ask them—they wish they'd had GadgetTrak introduced. GadgetTrak is accessible for iOS, Android, and Windows phone. The iOS application is paid and will cost you $3.99 while android and windows are accessible for $19.99. You can track all iOS device, for example, iPod, iPad or macintosh. The price of this app is seems higher as compared to other find my iphone website and applications but the features of this app justify its price. Professionals usually use this app to keep their iPhone secure because some people just can’t afford to lose their iPhone not even for few minutes. It has number of fundamental components, for example, 

  • Push Message 
  • Track Multiple Devices 
  • GPS and cell Tower Triangulation 
  • Utilization of front and back camera remotely
NOTE: Continued utilization of GPS can significantly diminish battery life. For better battery execution, deactivate tracking until the device is lost. You can turn the GPS of your IPhone remotely with the help of this application. It is amazing because when someone steals an iPhone or any other mobile he turns the GPS off while unlocking the device. The GadgetTrak application does not utilize GPS and won't affect battery life when the location is disabled (regardless of the possibility that the Navigation symbol shows up).


It may be the oldest way to find a phone. Use a landline or your sibling's telephone to take a step at calling your missing iPhone. If it is near, you may hear it ring. This can help you track it down, particularly if it's stuck between cushions. If your telephone is lost and an outsider hears it ringing, he or she might return it to you. Move from space to room as you call your telephone. If it's covered in a bag or under something, the ringer may not be loud. 

 If you don't have admittance to another telephone, however, has entry to a PC, you can utilize This site permits you to enter your telephone number and it will call your telephone for you. It is the best way to call your iPhone because it is free and easy. You will not be able to make actual call because this website is just used to make dummy call so that you phone start ringing. This method will work only when you lost your iPhone in your home but don’t worry there are plenty of other methods to locate your iPhone. 


Apple is manufacturing best mobiles in the world and it is very possible that someone steal your iPhone especially if it of latest model. You can find a mobile if you misplaced it but you can’t find pickpockets and muggers on your own. In this case, police headquarters and lost property stations in the region of where you lost your iPhone may yield positive results. You may be charmingly amazed to find that somebody has submitted your telephone.  You can likewise file a report if you think your iPhone was stolen. If you have the IMEI/MEID number of your iPhone, submit it to the law authorization official when you file your lost or stolen report. This will track your telephone if it gets sold to another person. It is recommended to try your best to find your phone on your own before going to police station because it is a lengthy procedure. But, if you have sensitive data in your IPhone and you want to take any risk then this is the best option. Law enforcement authorities will not only file a report but also block your mobile and SIM for you. It will keep your contacts and other data safe. They may even find the culprit too. In some regions there is the facility to file a report online without visiting the police station. So, it is also a kind of online method to find a lost iPhone.


Here are some questions asked by Apple’s customers about finding their iPhones. 

1. “It is possible to track my iPhone if someone turns off location services?”

Fortunately, if someone turns off location service on your iPhone, it's still conceivable to find your iPhone. With Find My iPhone login you can activate the 'Lost Mode'. This activates GPS on your iPhone remotely and quickly tries to find it. It will remain activated as long as of nobody unlock your device.

2. “Can I still track my iPhone if I already erased my iPhone?”

Terrible news. Once an iPhone has been deleted, it's impossible to find it any longer. The entire sense behind deleting an iPhone is to erase everything, including individual information, pictures, client settings and all logins (including iCloud).

3. "I forgot my iCloud password and cannot find my iPhone login. How would I recover my password?"

So as to use Find my iPhone, you have to sign into your iCloud account. If you forgot your password, then this isn't possible, obviously. Apple makes it genuinely simple to reset your Apple ID password (same one as on iCloud). All you need is your backup email account. Beneath you discover the means you will find helpful: 

  • Visit
  • Before the signup, tap on "Forgot Apple ID or password?"
  • Enter your Apple ID email address and click proceed
  • You're offered two approaches to resetting your password. Either by sending a reset link or by answering the security questions you set up while making your Apple ID account.
  • Pick one of the choices
  • If you picked "Get an email", check your backup Apple's email on the most proficient method to reset your Apple ID password. If you don't get an email within 60 minutes, please check your other email accounts.
  • In the email, tap the password reset link and follow the guidelines. You'll need to answer some security questions you set up before and enter your birth date.
  • After that, you can enter a new password to reset it
  • That is it! Remember that you need to sign into your Apple account on all your Apple devices since the old one doesn't work any longer.
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All these methods, tips, and techniques are simple yet very effective. Hopefully now you will be able to find your iPhone easily. It is better to stay vigilant while carrying expensive mobiles because we all know that prevention is better that cure.  Keep them in your safe pocket or purse while travelling in public transport. You should also book mark find my iPhone website on your laptop so that you can track you iPhone quickly. 
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