Best 30+ Sites to Watch Live TV Online Free on PC or Laptop 2018

We are the person of 21st century, so we have no time to watch TV at home. We go to home only to eat. So we miss our favorite movies or serials to watch but now we have some good news for you. You can watch your favorite movie or TV serial on your laptop, Smartphone or laptop. You can also watch cricket match and football match online on TV.  There are many profit of watching TV on mobile, laptop or PC. You don’t have to pay any money for watching TV.

You can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, sports programs at any point of time and you don't have to wait for the time of airing. Select one of the sites below and see if they have your shows and TV channels that you like to watch everyday. Bookmark the website and watch live TV streaming of your website on internet. You can watch any other live TV stream online of any other channel of the world. Live TV stream Online is not just limited to your region but you can watch any other channel of the world. Simply search the name of the channel and start watching it online for free.

Here is the list of top free websites to watch TV online on your PC or Laptop. It will help you to find free websites to watch live TV online on PC or laptop 2018

  1. Free TV show online – Watch free Episode (

Free tv shows
You can stream your favorite serial for free. You can watch every episode your favorite serial & latest hit shows for free. This Website offers you at least 500000 on demand TV shows, movie, sports and other related things. If you will become member of this website then you will get more access 245 channels of live TV online. U-verse is the best website for watching live TV.
  1. Project free TV  (

project free tv
Project free TV is also one of the website for watching live TV. You can watch here your favorite serial and movie live. This website offers you recently released new TV shows and movies. Project free TV offers you to check TV shows sections and from here you can get latest TV shows and you will found many TV series which are arranged A to Z, all your TV shows. You have to visit calendar section for new released TV shows and upcoming new episodes. If you want to know about new released then you have to go to movie section.

  1. Xfinity TV (

xfinity tv
X finity TV is also the best website for watching new episode and you can browse full length episode. Xfinity TV is totally free for watching live TV on your laptop or Smartphone. Xfinity TV offers you to check TV shows sections which provide you the information of new released TV shows and movies.

  1. TV shows|Live TV movies ( provides you to watch free TV online. offers almost 625 plus of latest TV series. You can watch from here multiple Genre as- comedy, action, Horror, Drama, reality, Animation, mysteries, Sci-fi thriller, adventure, Fantasy, sport, history, Romance, crime, biography, Family, Game shows and other watchable shows. So it is also one the best website for watching TV live online.

  1. Watch TV show online  (

You can watch here all free TV shows online. Yidio offers all most 500 plus channels contain TV full show, clip, news, and more at Yidi TV channels. You can see from here many other as-Fox, The CW, ABC, AMC, NBS, CBS, MTV, BET, Vh1, Cartoon network, Disney, PBS, Show time, TLC and other Amusement channel. So you can enjoy these from Yidio.

  1. TV.COM is also one the popular website in the world of live TV. It is your reference guide to episode, videos, cast and crew information forum reviews and more. is complete website for online tv streaming. provides many other options as – New released movies, Upcoming TV shows, breaking news, your favorite shows and many music channels. You can find many other activities by category – Action & adventure, Animation, Arts, Business, comedy, documentary, Drama, Educational many other amusement program. So have a visit on this website and enjoy your favorite TV shows or movie.

  1. Putlocker - Watch TV Shows online Free (

Put loacker
Putlocker – watch TV shows online free has facility to watch your favorite TV shows online. You can watch here thousand of movies and TV shows free online. All TV Show and latest movie is free on this website. So you can choose your favorite movie or TV serial from Putlocker – Watch TV shows online free. So if you want watch your favorite movie then go to this website and enjoy your movie.

  1. Free online TV station (

Free online TV
You can watch free online TV shows from free online TV station. Free online TV station offers almost 400 plus TV channels and radio channels. You can search region wise and free online TV station has also available in many countries. So you can watch from here almost every countries station. Free online TV station offers many genres as – Adult contemporary, African, animation, anime, Arabic, art, Asian, Bollywood, Business, Caribbean, cars, cartoons and any other interesting genre. So go to Free online TV websites and enjoy TV channels.

  1. Watch TV on Free | Sony  (
Sony crackle is also very interesting channel for internet users you can watch here all your favorite channel of every countries. It provides full information of new released TV shows and olden TV show. From, you can watch TV according to your taste as – comedy, drama, family Shows, adventures, Serious Drama, Children favorite’s channels and you can find  your favorite channel are arrange a to z and z to a wise. So you can easily find here your favorite channel. Crackle channels did not miss any TV shows. You will never found anywhere else. refresh every day so you watch new video every day. You can watch from very where at home or in the office elsewhere. This website offers free entertainment to your device: Roku, android, I phone, ipad and other devices. If you have crackle membership then you can easily link to your device with pause and resume streaming. You can create own queue of youe favorite TV shows and movies to watch later. So visit this free TV website and enjoy your favorite movie or TV shows.

  1. Watch free TV shows  (
You can watch here free TV show on this website. provides many features which makes easy to use. has available in many countries and provides almost channel of every country. So you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies from everywhere. It is European oriented company towards European customers. structure every famous TV shows with every season and every episode. It presents almost every TV shows and movie. You can make you wishlist or tick on watch later.
  1. Free TV shows streaming online  (

Snagfilms is another one of the best site to watch free TV online. On snagfilms website you can watch live TV. Snagfilms has many genre as- comedy TV series, documentary, discovery channel, full episode of animated films, family drama, Romantic movies and also fashion TV. So watch every TV what you want and whenever you want. There are many another features as – make your wishlist, tick to watch later to TV shows, Movies, comedy shows, reality shows, and other interesting programme which give you pleasure. So watch your favorite TV channels and movies. You can watch your all favorite TV series on your mobile, tablets and iphone, ipad etc.
  1. Watch TV channels online (

Hulu channels
Hulu channel is also one of the best website for watching free tv online. On hulu channel, you can watch live tv, sports, cricket match, and other favorite TV channels. Many TV channels available on this website as – cartoon channels, animation, stream TV shows, reality shows, grey anatomy, vampire dairies, episodes of South Park, empire, once upon a time, SNL, family drama, and many more. So if you visit on this live TV channel website. It is free website for watching online romantic movies and other entertaining programe.
  1. Sidereel : track & watch free TV online (

Sidereel is also most popular website for watching and tracking your favorite movie and TV shows. Sidereel will help you discover new released shows and movies. You can also watch your favorite song channel. Sidereel web site is visited by almost 22 million peoples and 9 million people are registered on this website. On sidereel website, sign is free.  It is founded is 2007 for live TV streaming. Watch your popular networks and cable TV shows. So if you want to watch live sports or TV shows, movies and other channels then visit to Sidereel website.
  1. Free TV |live TV (

Free TV online
By free TV you can watch all Free TV online. Watch your favorite tv channel from every country. It is famous in Pakistan. Free TV stream of Zindgi channels. Third party link is available for all famous free TV channels. So it is also good for TV lovers. If you want to see live TV show and amusement program then go on this free tv website and enjoy.

  1. TVplayer : watch live TV (

You can watch your favorite channel on TVplayer. Watch movie and TV shows of types. Just go into genre and choose from here as- live TV shows online, reality shows, singing competition, dance competition and other comedy channels. It has all UK free channels to watch TV shows. So if you want to watch your favorite TV shows, movies and other channels then visit this fabulous website. It has many option by which you can choose your favorite songs, romantic serial and movies.
  1. Wolowotube| watch free online TV shows (

wolow tube

Wolowotube is one of the best websites for watch free online TV shows. It is very important to know about this website. Here you can watch full episode of your favorite TV shows. It will show reviews and rate of your favorite shows.  Watch your favorite celebrity talk on this website. Watch your favorite series on wolowotube. Millions of people come on this website to watching their favorite series and movies. So if want to watch your favorite movie or TV show without paying any money go to this favorite website. Many news channels are also available on this website to knowing world best news and breaking news.

  1. Free live TV streaming (

Watch series
Watch your favorite series online. Watch full episode of your favorite shows. Watch online movies. The watch series website update daily new released TV shows movie and upcoming websites. This website is also known as given name ;,,
  1. Free online TV  

free online TV
Free online TV is an app for Live TV streaming. Watch your favorite movie and serial on this app. This app has 500 plus channels so you and choose from free online TV app. Free online TV app is available across the world. This means you can watch online program where ever your. Watch discovery channel, documentary, all episodes of famous TV shows keep in your wishlist, watch live cricket and football match live from sport channel. So go and enjoy  live TV shows. Free online TV app is the best app for amusement.

  1. Spreety TV online | Watch TV shows and series online (

spreety TV online
Spreety  TV online has good collection of TV channels. Watch your favorite channels and TV shows. Watch cricket and football match live. Watch your favorite TV shows, Discovery channels, cartoon network, educational channels, sports channels, this website is founded in 2008. So it is trusted and tasted website. You can make your wishlist to watch later any TV shows or TV series and movies. So enjoy your favorite channel sports cartoon and movie channels.
  1. Tubi TV | Watch online full length movie via app (

 Tubi TV
Tubi TV provides online full length movie. Watch Korean TV shows and all drama. View the channel list and choose your favorite serial or TV shows from there.  Tubi TV has more than 40,000 TV and movie partner, including many other TV series. Tubi TV provides you news of new released TV shows or Upcoming Movie or TV shows. Tubi TV has almost six times more content than any other Free TV channel app. You can watch here types of movie as – classical movie, Romantic movie, detective movies, adventures movies, animated movies, animals movies, adults movies and also you can watch here reality shows, TV series and many other amusement TV channels.
  1. Watch full episode online on TV land (

TV land
Watch full episode of your TV shows on TV land. You can choose your favorite TV shows and watch that from TV land. This is best website for watching TV online. What your favorite movie on this website. You can tick on wish list when you have no time. So you can watch your favorite movie serial. So watch and enjoy your favorite movie only on TV land.
  1. British TV channels free online (

live tv online
Watch  your favorite British TV shows free  online on live TV as – BBC, ITV, channel 4, five and others UK channels, watch on any device as this website is mobile friendly website. As the British channel is loved by everyone so every people want watch it especially British people. British people want to watch British channels no matter where they are. So if you want to watch British channels or British shows then this website (live TV ) made for you. Visit this website and enjoy the British channels.
  1. Watch Series online Free (

Watch Series
From this website, you can watch all TV series online free. Watch your favorite TV series. Watch everything you want on watch series online free. Watch series online provides the news of latest released and popular TV shows. So watch and enjoy the TV series.
  1. online (

Freee tv
You can find easily your favorite TV shows and movies. Watch sports channels also; enjoy the live cricket match and football match only on Free TV shows are available on this website. This website offers access to extensive variety of channels. This website will eliminate the use of television because is complete website for watching online every channel. There is no registration required on this website. has provided a good feature that is why you can find your favorite movie channel or TV shows channel easily. So go to online and enjoy the live channels.
  1. Firstrow watch TV online (

Watch your favorite TV shows on this channel. It has every sport channels so you can watch every sports as- football match, cricket match, Rugby match, Ice hockey, Golf match, tennis, handball, baseball and other sports only on Firstrow Watch TV online.
  1. Watch football, Watch TV shows only on television fanatic (

television fanatic
You can watch every sport, movies, TV shows and other entertaining channels free on television fanatic. Watch live movie with fast streaming. Watch every latest show, reality show, musical shows, dance show and other entertainment channels from television fanatic. You see the list of popular TV shows by clicking on ‘most popular’. You can watch latest released movies from this website. This website is also one of the most popular website. So you can enjoy from here. Watch every single episode of your favorite TV shows and watch every new and old movie only on television fanatic.
  1. Watch TV series (

You can watch TV show only on popcornflix. Watch your favorite TV series, hit TV show and streaming on popcornflix.
  1. Free (

There are 13000 plus channels from around the word. You can watch live news, movies, Hit TV shows and other things.
  1. India free TV online (

India free TV online
India free TV online has largest collection of Indian online TV channels. India free TV online contains largest collection of TV channels. These channels are categorized for your easy view. So you can find your favorite channels easily and watch the latest TV series.
  1. Free TV streaming site (

Free streaming
You can watch from here free TV online. Watch almost all channels of around the world. Free TV streaming site provides to the visitor all online free TV. So visit Free TV streaming site website and watch your entire favorite shows and movies.

So these are the top website or apps for watching free TV online. You can watch your entire favorite TV series, Sports channels, movie channels, cartoon channels, discovery channels, Adventures channels, Pogo channels, romantic movie channels, comedy channels, Cooking channels, magical channels, Korean channels, Chinese channels etc.
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